Friend & Presidental Candidate

Alan Howe

Dear Sean, I first met you nearly two years ago at a campaign event during my run for Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional District. You were just entering the political arena. Several months later, I joined you and several Democratic candidates for the Pennsylvania General Assembly for a candid talk about campaigns and service. At that meeting, I suggested that every candidate needed to have one foundational issue that they could turn to each morning to invigorate their day or to resuscitate their motivation in tough times. Without hesitation, you chimed in that your motivation was to reduce gun violence. There can be no doubt that reduced gun violence is vital to our nation and vital to our individual safety. Gun massacres plague our nation. Gun massacres threaten us on our highways, in our places of worship, and in our schools. This is intolerable, and I am happy to know that you wake every morning thinking that this must change. Over the past two years, I have gotten to know you better and to meet your family. I have grown also to admire your commitment to service and your positions, especially as you have voiced them in your run for the Cumberland County District Attorney. I am, for example, a longtime opponent of capital punishment, so I am very pleased to see you are pledging not to pursue death sentences. We agree on much more. Your promises to 1) “Stop prosecuting insufficient and insignificant cases,” 2) “Review past convictions, free the wrongfully convicted,” 3) “Stop cash bail imprisonment,” and 4) “Target crimes that matter most,” encourage me that proper prosecutorial discretion will spare our vulnerable neighbors undue harm and allow them a chance to lift themselves up. Civil Asset forfeiture is government theft in clear violation of our Constitution. I am thrilled that you will end this abuse. By bringing police and communities together and treating victims with respect and sensitivity, I expect you can build the kind of trust in law enforcement and the judicial system that has been lost to abuses by a small minority of these fine public servants. As a lifelong conservationist and as an environmental activist, I look forward to having a DA that helps defend our water and air and planet. We need aggressive enforcement of our environmental laws. All of this tells me I am dealing with a friend who understands the difference between justice and prosecution and who has the courage to put the former ahead of the latter instead of bragging about putting people in jail. It tells me I am dealing with a fellow optimist who knows we can provide a safe and uplifting future for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren. That is what this county, this commonwealth, and this country need. I look forward to voting for you on November 5th, and I hope the majority of voters in Cumberland County do the same. Your friend, Alan Howe Carlisle, PA
US Congressional Candidate

Tom Brier

Hershey, PA: Attorney, author, and Democratic candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania’s Tenth Congressional District, Tom Brier, is proud to announce his endorsement of Sean Patrick Quinlan, Esq., for Cumberland County District Attorney. “Sean, above all, is a man of deep moral conviction,” Brier said. “His unwavering commitment to ending the crisis of gun violence in our country; his infectious passion for public service; his unyielding faith in the better angels of the America spirit—all of these traits make Sean an ideal candidate for District Attorney, and it is an honor to endorse his candidacy.” Quinlan, a native of Scranton, Pennsylvania, has been practicing law in Central Pennsylvania for the better part of two decades. He began his career as a District Attorney in York County, where he worked in the Crimes Against Children Unit to seek justice on behalf of the most vulnerable members of our society. Quinlan continued his career in public service with the Pennsylvania Department of State, where he worked for several years before starting his own law firm. Over the course of his legal career, Quinlan has been an unwavering advocate for the public good, defending hundreds of families in their battles to obtain debt relief, health care coverage, and fair treatment under the law. Quinlan is running for District Attorney because he wants to end the ongoing crises of gun violence and opioid abuse that continue to devastate families across Cumberland County. As a lifelong public servant, Quinlan has the knowledge, experience, and judgment to tackle these issues head-on and once again restore a sense of hope to our communities. “Sean’s vision for Central Pennsylvania mirrors mine,” Brier said. “We both believe that change is what we need in a changing world and that new leadership is required to address the challenges of our time. By electing public officials who seek only what’s in the best interest of their constituents, we can secure a safer, kinder, and more equitable future for ourselves and our children.”